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Yes, I am truly blessed with the setting and studio I have at

dee hamilton of Imprints Photography.

My studio is located on our 32 acres.

It has a spacious camera area as well as

a mini boutique!

This set up affords me to provide you with

the highest quality work and artistic images!

(the boutique has a dressing area, hair and make up area,

vintage and current trends, shoes

and more accessories than one would ever need!)

The property has fields, rail road tracks attached, a large

pond, beautiful trees, trails, a creek

an old chevy truck, graffiti vw, barrels…and so much more!

I also travel to a number of off site locations that totally

round out any experience!

16 years behind the camera, coupled with photography,

early childhood and marketing degrees

makes for the ideal combination for what I do!

Relationships are the key to my lens filled life and know my clients are

the reason I’m here and am also blessed!

Thank you to each and every one of you who make this wonderful life work!


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