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Clients first choose their session option under

the SESSION OPTIONS tab.  Clients then

come for their images based on this session.

The sitting fee needs to be paid before dee begins the session.

**dee helps to design each session!

                       “SNEEK PEAK” & PROOFS:

After the session, clients will have

their “Sneak Peek” on Facebook.  Two days later, their

proof gallery will be ready for viewing.  

You will be given an Access Code for your proofs

at the time of your session.  Client’s will select their

favorite proofs based on what they commit to purchase 

or Digital Rights Contract.

You have one week to make this selection.

If you select dee to print your images…

**Each favorite will have one additional image of that same proof

semi edited with an artistic hand adjusted finish applied.  

(Black/White or some other color tone}

                       FINAL GALLERY:These favorites will be moved to your Final Gallery which

includes a shopping cart.  You can order any of the images in this gallery.

 All that is required is you meet your minimum purchase

total as explained above.  

You will have two weeks to complete your order.

                       APP:  (For those clients who qualify for free app of images by

                                    bringing FACEBOOK LIKES to my page.)

**Your app will include one image from each

series after you have completed the ordering process.  

(If qualified for free app…can also purchase in cart.)

                       SESSION TYPES:


Indoor Sessions allow clients to choose backdrops or

settings of interest in order to

meet individual taste and design preference.


Imprint Photography allows clients to either shoot

anywhere on our 32 acre outdoor studio

or an area close to Imprints Photography’s studio. 

Again, clients will be able to express

themselves by choosing locations that scream individual expression!


This is one destination within the city of Lebanon,

Mason, Middletown or Monroe…sometimes Cincinnati.

Each city destination consists of 2 or 3 areas

within that city choice.  This is one of my favorite selections

because the options are endless.

I am constantly finding new areas to shoot

and drive through them in order

to add to the unique quality of my portraits!

~With any Design, I will consult with all clients to

clarify and make sure all choices

meet your needs and lighting availability.  All questions are welcome!!

  For an extra fee, dee will consider a location of your choice!

~Just mention during your consultation~


*Color Images Only Flash Drive is available.  A print contract is required before images are released. 

This contract recommends printing at one of two labs  due to color calibration of other labs.

**All artistic images must be purchased through dee hamilton of Imprints Photography.

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